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Ex Ante - Wisdom from Experience

We believe that choices taken after thorough examination of the subject are more likely to be the right ones. While this is true of all areas of life, in the case of education it is truly vital. Indeed, the consequences of these crucial decisions stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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About project

Ex ante literally means ‘before the event’. Our main goal is allow young people to gain exclusive experience of the most popular subjects being studied at universities.

Ex Ante is an educational project designed for young people at high school age. During our summer courses participants will get a chance to learn about the most important topics, issues and theories from a selection of disciplines. Meetings with graduates and practising professionals will provide examples of the career options that follow a given study programme.

For those who haven’t made a decision about the field of study that would suit their interests, we have prepared interdisciplinary courses. These cover wider topic areas, for example, social sciences or exact sciences. This ensures not only the presentation of the selected fields of study but also allows for comparison between them. For those who are considering studying abroad we have prepared a range of courses in English. These courses have been prepared by graduates from the best British universities on the basis of their own academic experience.

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Summer courses

Summer courses offer an opportunity for those who realize how important education is in their lives and for whom selecting the right field of study is a crucial matter. Ex Ante courses are addressed to young people at high school age but their subject matter and mode of conducting classes are equivalent to the curriculum from the first years of university programmes.